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When Patients Bite Back 2

The GDC recommend dental professionals keep up to date by undertaking study of how to handle patient complaints.

The aim of this course is to improve attendees ability to avoid complaints and provide great customer care in accordance with
NHS and GDC standards


This workshop will provide information and advice on how to deal properly and professionally with patient complaints

We’ll explore the structure of a complaint including why complaints arise

We’ll discuss how good communication between all parties involved reduces complaints going further.

We’ll investigate how dealing promptly and positively with complaints can actually build your practice


Attendees will be able to recognise and demonstrate the procedures for handling of complaints to GDC and NHS Standards

Attendees will be able to outline effective strategies to respond to complaints and concerns raised so as to minimise escalation

Delegates can explain why good communication promotes patient engagement and reduces serious complaints

Finally delegates can explain why complaints are an important part of continuous service improvement

How to influence patients using psychological techniques including behavioural priming

This course is aligned to the GDC domains of Management and Leadership (managing the clinical and working environment

100% of dental professionals would recommend this course to their colleagues {NES Scotland April 2016}